To All Club Secretary,


Disciplinary offences in the main are usually of the minor type, caused by some clubs failing to conduct every day business effectively. Ensuring match cards are filled in and completed and forwarded, Logging Results/Respect marks, and League correspondence is dealt with within the approved time constraints. The introduction of the WGS should help all clubs to manage many of the everyday requirements needed to effectively input record and keep control.

The FA Standard Code of Rules is there to help everyone and it is important that everyone associated with member clubs takes the time to read and digest it.

Fines will be issued to any club(s) failing to comply.

The divisional secretaries are there to help and guide you, but in return, they need your help, to ensure the smooth running of the League.

Discipline has improved dramatically over the last few seasons. We are grateful that clubs dealt with many issues internally. We welcome this approach and hope this trend continues.

The introduction of the ‘Respect’ initiative has seen a dramatic change in attitudes, which is excellent news for all. The Central Appointments group with Stuart Liston and Carla Parker leading on behalf of the League is again working hard to both acquire new referees for the league and re sign last season’s officials, Sunday football coverage last season (over 96%) was up on previous years however, it is hoped that with the number of referees registered we can do much better this Season 2019/20. Your help is required to ensure we don’t lose any new or established league referees during the new season. Remember just like yourselves as coaches and managers these young referees are also going through the same process of learning. Yes, they will make mistakes occasionally but they must be encouraged and supported during their ongoing development otherwise we’ll lose them.

Spectator problems have been reduced with the introduction of a demarcated area along the touchline and the introduction of respect barriers however there are still instances of spectator abuse which must be eradicated. In addition the Leagues ruling for technical areas (including Sin Bin) which are mandatory should remove some of the field encroachment issues; teams failing to follow this practice will be sanctioned. However please remember (the behaviour of spectators at matches is the responsibility of the home club).

The Respect programme includes four practical steps to improve behaviour – on the pitch and on the sidelines

There is a Code of Conduct for each of the five main types of football participant:

  • Young Players
  • Adult Players
  • Spectators and Parents/Carers
  • Coaches, Team Managers and Club Officials
  • Referees

All clubs should ensure that the FA Respect programme is introduced to everyone involved in grassroots football within their club.

The management team is here to help so please consult with us if you have any problems appertaining to discipline within your club.

Please be aware, that the League will fully enforce the rules as set out in the FA Standard Code of Rules.

Have a successful and sporting season.

John Burnett

Timperley & District Football League

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