Discipline 2023/24

To All Club Secretary,


To All Club Secretaries
Dear Secretary,


Disciplinary offences in the main are usually of the minor type, caused by some Clubs failing to conduct everyday business effectively, ensuring match cards are filled in and completed correctly and handed to opponents, logging results/marks, and League correspondence is dealt with within the approved time constraints. The introduction of the WGS has helped Clubs to manage many of the everyday requirements needed to effectively input, record, and keep control.

There are however the more serious offences which are dealt with at County Level and the number of mis conducts last season were unacceptable. The FA are now looking at increasing the punishments for serious misconduct with FA Accreditation being one along with longer suspension periods and larger fines. I ask that all member Clubs communicate to their members both Club officials and spectators the importance of match day behaviour, and, especially helping the young referees who are under 18.

The FA Standard Code of Rules is there to help everyone, and it is important that everyone associated with member Clubs takes the time to read and digest it. Sanctions will be issued to any Club(s) failing to comply.
The Divisional Secretaries are there to help and guide you, but in return, they need your help to ensure the smooth running of the League.

Spectator issues are still being reported and it may be helpful if the spectator barrier is moved back further from the touchline this may help. However, please remember the behaviour of spectators at matches is the responsibility of the home Club.

The Respect programme included measures to improve behaviour both on the pitch and on the sidelines with a code of conduct for the five main types of football participant, please ensure your members are made aware of the codes of conduct.
The Management team is here to help so please consult with us if you have any problems appertaining to discipline with your Club.

Please be aware that the League will fully enforce the rules as set out in the FA Standard Code of Rules.


Have a successful and sporting season.

John Burnett

Timperley & District Football League

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